Our Services

Consulting and Data Processing

Whitebox Geospatial Inc. offers private consulting and data processing support through contracts. Our team has a combined 20 years of experience within the field of GIS, geomatics, terrain analysis, hydrology and so much more.

Do you have large LiDAR or other DEM data sets but don’t have the in-house resources or know-how to extract the most value from your data? Who better to help overcome your GIS and Geomatics problems than the people who designed the tools that everyday GIS professional use on a daily basis. 

We would truly enjoy talking with you and learning about how we can help. 

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Software Licensing

Whitebox Geospatial Inc. offers software license plans for our flagship products, the Whitebox Toolset Extensions. These extensions, seamlessly integrate into your WhiteboxTools environment and provide new functionality not yet seen in the WhiteboxTools open-core. We have tools that preform common remote sensing tasks, tools for precision agriculture (yield data manipulation), new tools for working with and processing LiDAR data, tools for terrain analysis, and general GIS tools. 

Choosing to purchase a software license from Whitebox Geospatial Inc., will help to support the continued development and maintenance of the WhiteboxTools open source project, helping to strengthen the platform for years to come.