Installing Whitebox Workflows

You'll need to install WbW on your computer or virtual environment to use it. If you have Python installed on your computer, simply type the following line at the command prompt of your terminal application:

pip install whitebox-workflows

If your default Python is v2.X, you may need to use the pip3 command instead. You may wish to use a Python virtual environment (venv, Conda, etc.) to test the whitebox-workflows package but this isn't necessary.

WbW is supported on Windows (64-bit), Mac (Intel and ARM) and Linux (x86_64).

If you have an older version of WbW installed and want to update it to the latest version, simply type the following command:

pip install whitebox-workflows -U

Updating your WbW to a newer version won't impact your license. You should update every time a new version is released.

For a demonstration of the install process, please see the video below: