Registering a WbW-Pro license

Notice, you do not need to register a license to use the standard version of WbW. This section only pertains to WbW-Pro.

After you purchase a WbW-Pro license, you'll be redirected to a website providng you with an activation key and a customized license registration Python script like the one below. If you've purchased multiple seats, you'll be provided a single activation key that contains your purchased number of seats.

Be sure to copy your activation key, or the embedded Python script, before closing the redirect page. You will need this to activate your license.

import whitebox_workflows

# Be sure to replace the key below with your issued key; this one is just an
# example. Also update with your first and last name and email address. Note,
# by running the script, you are agreeing to the terms of the license, found
# on

To register your license, copy the Python script from the license purchase redirect page into an empty Python file, update your name and email address, and then run the script. Once you have run your license activation script, you will receive an email that contains important information about your purchase, your license, as well as your floating-license user ID. It is important that you type your email correctly in the registration script.

Notice, it is important that use your correct email when registering your license or you will not be able to access your floating-license user ID and you will only be able to use the node-locked license on the computer system that you registered WbW from.

For a demonstration of the registration process, please see the video below: