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Whitebox Extensions contains novel functionality that builds on the WhiteboxTools open-core foundation. Unlock the full power of the WhiteboxTools platform today with one our innovative extension products.

Like all open-source software, there is a cost associated with developing WhiteboxTools. When you purchase a WhiteboxTools executable, your money goes towards development costs and ensures that the project thrives.

We know you have integrity, you're a Whitebox user after all! Please pay what you can to support the project.

The WhiteboxTools Open Core is a powerful geospatial engine, but if you are interested in Whitebox for geoprocessing applications using Python, perhaps check out Whitebox Workflows for Python (WbW) . Experience next-level geoprocessing!

Payments processed and secured by Stripe. All major credit cards are accepted. Prices in US dollars (USD). Once you have paid, the WhiteboxTools Open Core binary executable compatible with your operating system may be downloaded. Downloading or using WhiteboxTools files carries with it the implicit agreement to abide by the terms of the license. If you encounter an issue, please report it on the GitHub repository issue tracker.

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Compiling from source code

For other platforms, WhiteboxTools can be compiled from the source code with the following steps:

    1. Install the Rust compiler; Rustup is recommended for this purpose. Further instruction can be found at this link.
    2. Download the WhiteboxTools source code. To download the code, click the green Clone or download button on the GitHub repository site.
    3. Decompress the zipped download file.
    4. Open a terminal (command prompt) window and change the working directory to the whitebox_tools sub-folder, which is contained within the decompressed downloaded Whitebox folder.
    5. At the command prompt, type: >> cd /path/to/folder/whitebox_tools/
    6.  Finally, use the rust package manager Cargo, which will be installed along with Rust, to compile the executable, by typing the following at the command prompt: >> cargo build –release 

Depending on your system, the compilation may take several minutes. When completed, the compiled binary executable file will be contained within the whitebox_tools/target/release/ folder. Copy and paste this file into the WBT folder. You may type ./whitebox_tools –help at the command prompt (after cd’ing to the containing folder) for information on how to run the executable from the terminal.

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