Please choose your Whitebox Geospatial Extension product. From there, you will have the option to select your license type (i.e. Annual or Perpetual), Academic discount (if applicable), and the number of seats. These prices do not include applicable Tax or VAT, this will be determined at checkout. If you are exempt from VAT or applicable state Tax, please email us at with your VAT/Tax Exemption documentation and we will remove VAT/Tax from your purchase. Whitebox Geospatial uses PayPal or Stripe to process payments. However you do not require a PayPal or Stripe account to purchase a license. Once you click the “Purchase” link, you will be able to enter your preferred payment method pay via PayPal or Stripe. Unlock the full power of WhiteboxTools by purchasing a Whitebox Geospatial Extension product today.

If you are looking to purchase Whitebox Workflows for Python, please see here instead.

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