Whitebox Workflows for QGIS Plugin

Whitebox Workflows QGIS Plugin

In addition to its intuitive Python application programming interface (API), WbW is also accessible from a custom QGIS plugin. This plugin provides an easy-to-use graphical interface for WbW. The frontend is freely available (GPL licensed) from the QGIS plugin repository. You can use the in-built ‘Manage and Install Plugins’ QGIS menu item to easily install the Whitebox Workflows plugin. Best of all, the plugin will automatically install the Whitebox Workflows library for you and so it will be ready for you to use immediately without any need for further configuration.

QGIS WbW plugin

With the QGIS WbW plugin, you may access all of the functionality of the WbW library through intuitive custom tool dialog boxes, each with extensive integrated help documentation.

DEM smoothing WbW dialog box.

If you have purchased a license for WbW-Pro, you can easily access the functionality of the Pro functions in the QGIS Whitebox Workflows plugin.