Our software contains over 500 geospatial analysis tools. Many of these tools have novel functionality that you will not find in other geospatial software.

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WhiteboxTools is developed for cross-platform use and can easily integrate into your GIS workflow through a scripting or front-end GUI interface.

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WhiteboxTools is built using the Rust programming language and takes advantage of advancements in computing power, such as parallel processing.

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What is WhiteboxTools

WhiteboxTools is an advanced open-source geospatial data analysis platform developed at the University of Guelph’s Geomorphometry and Hydrogeomatics Research Group (GHRG). The project began in January 2017 and quickly evolved in terms of its analytical capabilities. It now contains over 450 tools for processing various types of geospatial data and has many attractive features for a GIS software such as parallel computing, no external dependencies, embedded functionality into heterogeneous scripting environments, and serves as an analytical back-end for other GIS and remote sensing software. The extension products provide WhiteboxTools even more power. Take a look at our Toolset Extension pricing.

What can WhiteboxTools do?

WhiteboxTools can be used to perform common geographical information systems (GIS) analysis operations, remote sensing, and image processing tasks. WhiteboxTools also contains advanced tooling for spatial hydrological analysis and LiDAR data processing. WhiteboxTools is not a cartographic or spatial data visualization package; instead it is meant to serve as an analytical back-end for other data visualization software, like QGIS and ArcGIS. For a complete listing of the available tools, see the WhiteboxTools User Manual. Also, be sure to check out the Whitebox Toolset Extensions.

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Whitebox Geospatial Extensions

The heart of WhiteboxTools is it’s open-core, with its extensive functionality consisting of hundreds of open-source tools for processing all kinds of geospatial data. However, we have also developed tools that extend the open-core, adding even more functionality. We have launched our first software suite of pay-for-use tools called the Whitebox General Toolset Extension. This extension is cross-platform, is easily downloadable, and is available for single or multi-seat licensing.

WhiteboxTools is and will always remain open source, but we want to support this project for years to come. Our rationale for creating these commercial toolset extension products is to enable the continued development of WhiteboxTools and to strengthen our support of the user community that has built up around the platform.

This initial extension offering comes packed with robust plug-in tools for every GIS professional. These tool enhance your WBT-powered remote sensing, precision agriculture, terrain analysis, LiDAR data processing, and spatial hydrology workflows. The toolset easily integrates into your current WBT environment, either through the command line interface, embedded in Python or R scripts, or through one of the existing GUI front-ends, including our WhiteboxTools Runner.

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Read more on each tool in our user Manual or watch a Youtube Tutorial on how to use WhiteboxTools

Examples from the Whitebox Geospatial Extensions

Random Forest Regression/Classification

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k-Nearest Neighbour Regression/Classification

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Whitebox Geospatial LiDAR Contour Tool

Lidar Contour

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Topographic position animation

Topographic Position Animation

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A Passion for Geomatics

John Lindsay and Anthony Francioni are the co-founders of Whitebox Geospatial Inc. John holds a PhD from the University of Western Ontario, has worked at the University of Manchester (UK), and is currently a professor of Geography at the University of Guelph, Canada. Over the past 20 years, John has been the lead developer of several open-source geomatics packages, including the Terrain Analysis System (TAS), Whitebox GAT, and WhiteboxTools.

Anthony received a MSc degree from the University of Guelph in 2019. His research focused on creating new DEM generalization techniques in fine-resolution LiDAR DEMs. Anthony now spends his days supporting the WhiteboxTools platform, including developing tools and engaging the user community.

Whitebox Geospatial: Our Services

Software Licensing

Software Licensing

We offer software licensing for our Whitebox toolset extensions. These licenses entitles you to the additional analysis tools contained within the toolset extension plus any new tools and updates.


Consulting and Data Processing

We offer consulting services centered around our expertise and strength in LiDAR data processing and digital terrain analysis.

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