Extension Pricing

Whitebox Geospatial offers four WhiteboxTools Extension products, including the LiDAR & Remote Sensing Extension, the DEM & Spatial Hydrology Extension, the Agriculture Extension, and the General Toolset Extension. The discounted academic licenses are for a fully-featured products. Both the Academic and Enterprise licences are also eligible for multi-seat discounts. All prices are in US dollars (USD). We prefer payments via PayPal. Upon purchase of a license, you will receive a copy of your invoice, license agreement, and instructions for software activation.

Extension Pricing

LiDAR & Remote
Sensing Extension
DEM & Spatial
Hydrology Extension
General Toolset
Enterprise License
Academic Discount License

License Details

†Enterprise licenses: This license applies to all government agencies, conservation authorities, not-for-profit organizations, private-sector companies, and all other individuals and groups that do not qualify for the academic discount. The license duration is 1-year and quoted prices above are single-seat licenses; enterprise licences are eligible for multi-seat discounting. All licensees are entitled to any updates, including any tools released after the purchase of the license and during the valid license period.

‡Academic discount licenses: This license applies to all schools, professors, instructors, scientists, undergraduate and graduate students, and post-doctoral researchers. The license duration is 1-year and quoted prices above are single-seat licenses, and are eligible for multi-seat discounting. All licensees are entitled to any updates, including any tools released after the purchase of the license and during the valid license period.

Individuals and organizations located within any of the UN-identified least developed countries and other economically disadvantaged regions are eligible for a discounted license for any of the WhiteboxTools extension products. Please contact support@whiteboxgeo.com for further pricing details.

Multiple Seat Licensing

Whitebox Geospatial offers multi-seat licensing at significantly discounted rate for our WhiteboxTools Extensions pricing plans. The multi-seat licensing structure is shown down below. Please note that the student licenses do not qualify for the multiple seat licensing rates.  

2nd license : 80% of original license cost

3rd license : 70% of original license cost

4th license : 60% of original license cost

5th license : 50% of original license cost

6th license : 40% of original license cost

7th License : 30% of original license cost

8th or more license: 20% of original license cost

DEM DTM Multiscale Whitebox Toolset Extension Pricing
When purchasing multiple licenses, select the desired amount of licenses and your price will be adjusted accordingly from our WhiteboxTools Extension pricing plans. You can download each of the WhiteboxTools Extensions at anytime. However the tools contained in the extensions will not run unless you have a valid license. If you want to use any of the tools within the an extension, you will have to purchase a license here. You may also request a free trial version on each of the extension pages. Before you purchase a license, make sure you download the appropriate version of the extension for your operating systems or the operating systems you intend on using. Whitebox Geospatial supports Windows, MacOS, and Linux but the user is responsible for choosing the appropriate software platform. You can purchase additional licenses from Whitebox Geospatial Inc. at any time.

Activating your License

When purchasing a license, at checkout you will be prompted to enter an email address. Please use the same email address that you purchased the software license with when you go to activate your license. Whitebox Geospatial can only provide activation codes to valid email address that were used at purchase. 

You will have the option to purchase multiple licenses at a reduced rate at checkout. When activating the second or multiple licenses, be sure to use the same email address that was used to purchase the software. Even when activating the software license on different computers, the same email address is required. 

Follow the steps down below to purchase and activate your license.


1. Download

Download the WhiteboxTools General Toolset Extensions based on your operating system. These tools will not work yet, only when you have purchased and  activated your license.

2. Purchase

Purchase a software license. Make sure to enter a valid email address. This email address will be used when activating your license. You can also purchase multiple licenses at a discounted rate.

3. Contact

After you purchase a software license,  Whitebox Geospatial Inc will contact you within 24 hors with the activation code, instructions, and an invoice for your new software license(s).

How to update WhiteboxTools with a license?

When updating to a new version of WhiteboxTools with a valid license to one of our extension products, you must complete some additional steps to ensure you do not overwrite your software license. 

  1. Within your WBT folder, you will see a sub-directory called “plugins”. 
  2. Copy/Move the “plugins” folder to another place on your directory or move it outside of your “WBT” directory. 
  3. Download the new stable version of WhiteboxTools for your operating system from the WhiteboxTools open-core home page. 
  4. Unzip the folder and replace the folder in your current WBT directory. You can go ahead and delete the folder containing the outdated version of WBT.
  5. Move the “plugins” folder into the new “WBT” folder. You will be promoted to replace or skip certain overlapping files. Some of our plugins (i.e. SplitVectorLines) are distributed with the open-core software and thus when you attempt to copy/move the “plugins” folder back into “WBT” you will be met with this prompt. Go ahead and select “skip”/”skip all”. By skipping, you will always want the most recent version of the plugins as opposed to replacing with the outdated version. 
  6. Once step 1-5 are compete, you have successfully updated your version of WhiteboxTools and copied over your existing software license/plugin tools.