WhiteboxTools Extensions

The WhiteboxTools extensions

Whitebox Geospatial Inc. currently offers four extensions for WhiteboxTools, including the LiDAR & Remote Sensing Extension, the DEM & Spatial Hydrology Extension, the Agriculture Extension, and the General Toolset Extension. These products contain plugins that extend the functionality of the open-core of WhiteboxTools. Lists of the plugin tools contained in each extension are described on the extensions page of www.whiteboxgeo.com and more descriptions of the tools are provided in the Tools Reference of this user manual. While managed separately from the open-core, the extensions easily integrate into your current WhiteboxTools environment. Please contact support@whiteboxgeo.com for further details, or visit www.whiteboxgeo.com for current pricing information.

For information about installing and activating a WhiteboxTools extension, see the YouTube video here.